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Become one with nature as the horses go clip clopping over the mountaintops. Feel the wind caressing your arms and the sun warming your back. Allow yourself to unwind as the singing of the birds falls softly on your ears, while the mountains roll away underneath your horses hooves.

Nestled in the mountains surrounding Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga, the trails traverse over two farms situated on the lip of the eastern escarpment. Well-trained horses to suit all riding experiences make going on a trail an adventurous, yet pleasurable outing.

All trails are guided and groups are kept small to ensure that extra personal attention. Trident trail ranger saddles and McCllenan saddles are used to make the ride so much more comfortable. All riding experiences are accommodated. Minimum age for the trails is 12 years old for the longer trails and 8 years for the shorter trails.


1/2 hour Trails                                                              

Ideal for children


1 hour Trails                                                                 

The most popular. Ideal for beginners and the not so fit


2 hour Trails                                                                 

Slightly longer trails. Shows of the natural beauty of the area


Specialty Trails


Champagne Brunch                                           

Allow the horses to take you to a secluded valley where a scrumptious breakfast is served with champagne and orange juice. The breakfast spot is nestled at the foot of a large hill, where birds and the bees are your only company. (No under 18ís allowed)



Follow the path up onto the top of the mountain and allow yourself to relax and unwind as you watch a spectacular sunset with a drink in your hand.


Half day trails                                                     

4 hours are spent on the trail. A light brunch and refreshments are provided. The break is taken at an old stone kraal on one of the highest points in the area.


Maximum weight allowed is 100 kg

We offer different trails to suit all types of riding experiences and pocket

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