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Give your old friend the perfect retirement.
Every horse needs and deserves the oppertunity to just be a horse once they retire.
Allow them to frollick in the water, graze all day and just be free on the 180 hectare farm

We offer various packages for different horses:

Stabled horse:    R 1800-00 per month

Live out Horse: R 1500-00 per month

Stabled Pony: R 1500-00 per month

Live out Pony: R 1100-00 per month
(shoeing, vacinnations and any other vets fees or medications not included)

Stabled packages include stabellingfrom 16H00 till 09H00 and 2 meals a day and a nightly teff net, with the horse being out with the main herd during the day

Living out packages include 2 meals a day in a stable and the rest of the time they are out with the main herd


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